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Theoriq- Instagram of theories and principles by Laurent Martiny

Entrepreneurial Story of Laurent Martiny who founded Theoriq located in Paris, France


  • Laurent Martiny, MSc in Management graduate

When Started: 17/05/2017
Location: Paris, France

What motivated you to start your Business?

Create the life I want

Tell us about your Business

Theoriq is a web app where curious people can learn about theories and principles in a variety of topics, but with a strong focus on human and social sciences.

It works like an Instagram feed, but instead of celebrity pics, you will find all kind of theories from academicians, authors or experts. As compared to a typical website or blog, users can share their own stories to illustrate a given theory. or they can share a particular knowledge that they have. Our aim is to build a massive online collection of principles, each illustrated by people like you and me

it is a bit like the textbook of our era: authoritative, yet social

Tell us what an average day in your life looks like.

I wake up every morning around 7 or a bit later depending on how much I’ve been sleeping the previous night. Sometimes, I go to bed around 1 or 2 am cause I am in the middle of a work craze and can’t just go to bed by the normal hour (midnight), in that case, because I need around 7.5 hours of sleep to be productive, I’ll wake up a bit later.
For the rest of the day, at this development stage of my startup, well I am pretty much-doing project management and marketing all day. Going back and forth with the development teams and working out on my SEO and social media. Or doing things like giving this interview 🙂
Around 8 pm I start to relax and resume work, doing less important things, but yet still working on Theoriq until late at night.

One particular skill you got right and gave you the best results.

communication with dev teams

What have been your biggest challenges in running your Business so far? How did you overcome these challenges?

Staying focus.
I have done a lot of mistakes in the first year. Spending money where it was not needed. Even though I knew everything that needed to about lean startup / MVP thing, I was unable to apply it.
Wasted a lot of time and money.
Won’t happen ever again!

What have you found the most effective way to get new clients?

Can’t answer that question yet 🙂

What advice do you give to other business owners?

focus on one simple thing to make your business a reality, then increment

How did you keep motivated through difficult times?

Picturing myself, successful and happy in the near future

What are your Marketing, Funding, and Team Building Strategy?

In regards to marketing, I am still looking out for the best traction channel. I am experimenting with social media, SEO, and in broader sense inbound marketing.
As of funding, I am bootstrapping so far,
Last, I work with a fantastic remote team and plan to scale in 2019.

Your Achievements?

Well launching our web app, iOS, and Android app is a first step worth celebrating!

What’s your favorite quote?

Life is too serious to be taken seriously – Attributed to Oscar Wilde

Who inspires you?

Barack Obama

Share your Business Philosophy?

Make something people want generating enough money for those who work with us to live the life they want to live.

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